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As you can tell, most criminal records are automatically sealed after the appropriate time limit has passed.

How to Get Started on Your New York Sealing or Certificate

But better safe than sorry; try obtaining a copy of your rap sheet to be sure. You can request a copy from the Division of Criminal Justice Services online. If there are offenses on your rap sheet you'd like sealed, you'll have to file a motion with the court.

State Laws on Use of Arrests and Convictions in Employment

Contact the clerk's office of the court where the charge was filed and prosecuted. Fill out the petition to seal records form, and feel free to ask the clerk for assistance.

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Case and arrest details, as well as proof of completion of any required rehabilitation program, must be provided. If the court approves your petition, it will be entered into the record and the clerk will inform you. All records will be sealed at this time.

If the court challenges your petition, you may need to provide more information, go to court, and offer greater detail and proof that your records should be sealed. Even if you criminal record cannot be sealed, you can take some steps to increase your chances of finding and keeping a job. Follow this step-by-step guide for how to obtain these certificates.

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Coterminous with the borough of Brooklyn, citizens of this county have general access to criminal records, public records, arrest records, court records, and more. New York County, which represents the borough of Manhattan, is the most densely populated county in the country.

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Public records are all available to the public by law. New Yorkers here enjoy the same public record freedoms as the rest of the state. Nassau County is the sixth largest in the state.

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Nassau County citizens have the right to search for and obtain public records. Citizens here can expect the same public record access as those throughout the state.

Citizens here can access public, court, criminal, and arrest records. Last Name:.

Role of Attorney in Sealing Criminal History Record in New York

New York Public Records New York citizens have the right to seek out, obtain, study, and use public records held by government agencies, municipal bodies, and law enforcement authorities. Many companies use State Checks to uncover additional records outside of the counties where the candidate has lived.

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Not all counties report into state databases, and each state database functions differently. For example, New York's state database includes reports from all counties by law, but California's does not.

My Criminal Record Kept Me Poor For 30 Years. A New Law Will Finally Let Me Move On.

Because the county courthouse is the source of truth for most criminal records, we recommend running this search in addition to, not instead of, a county check. For more information, see our article on State Criminal Checks. County criminal records, which make up the majority of criminal offenses, are located in county courthouses across the 3, counties in the US.

Thus, they will not be found in a federal check. Oftentimes the existence of a county criminal record is determined by conducting a search in the aforementioned National Criminal Database Check, which is used as a pointer to county or state records. All felony and misdemeanor criminal records, regardless of disposition guilty, dismissed, etc.