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Milroy, a radical abolitionist, was intent on using Winchester as a place to enforce this new proclamation in the strictest and harshest terms possible. Milroy is most famous for his edict that:. In this city Winchester of about 6, inhabitants The secesh here have heard many terrible stories about me before I came and supposed me to be a perfect Nero for cruelty and blood, and many of them both male and female tremble when they come into my presence to ask for small privileges, but the favors I grant them are slight and few for I confess I feel a strong disposition to play the tyrant among these traitors.

Milroy was noted for his harsh treatment of women. When Milroy felt that a lady had "insulted Gen Closeret Milroy arrested Mrs. Logan on charges of possessing contraband, and had her and her daughters escorted to the outskirts of town, without time to even gather medicine for one ill daughter, and "exiled" from Winchester. He then moved his wife, Mrs. Milroy, into what was one of the finest and most exquisite homes in Winchester.

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Ladies of Winchester eventually took to walking in the middle of the streets rather than risk accidentally brushing up against Federal soldiers. Hell is not full enough, there must be more of these Secession women of Winchester to fill it up. Most notably, Milroy was feared for his rash desire to execute Virginians, and his reputation for this from previous Alleghany campaigning precede him, striking great trepidation in the town, as Milroy set up his tribunals, without constitutional authority, and sentenced townsfolk to execution by firing squad.

Many of the local blacks freed in January under the Emancipation Proclamation fled the area, presumably fearing reconquest by the Confederates as in fact happened later in the year. Major General Philip Sheridan aggressively marched up the Valley from Winchester and destroyed "2, barns filled with grain and implements, not to mention other outbuildings, 70 mills filled with wheat and flour" and "numerous head of livestock," according to the Official Records.

At the end of , Maj. Sheridan stated that "The crow that flies over the Valley of Virginia must henceforth carry his rations with him". Winchester and Frederick County fielded five infantry companies, six cavalry companies and one artillery battery, as well as two regiments of militia. These units were either assigned to or operated under the auspices of what was ultimately called the Army of Northern Virginia which was also known as the Department of Northern Virginia:.

In spite of Winchester's wartime hardships, a few residents made great contributions to the Confederate cause, such as Dr. Hunter McGuire , Chief Surgeon of the Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia , who laid foundations for the future Geneva conventions regarding the treatment of medical doctors during warfare. Winchester served as a major center for Confederate medical operations, particularly after the Battle of Sharpsburg in and the Battle of Gettysburg in , and set the stage for advancements in the practice of medicine, internationally and during combat operations.

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Many citizens of Winchester recorded diaries of events during the war. The Federal Secretary of War Edwin Stanton summarized his impression of Winchester after visiting there by noting that "the men are all in the army" and "the women are the devil", while Maj. Milroy said that "Hell is not full enough There must be more of these Secession women of Winchester to fill it up. Among those who took part in battles at Winchester were future U. Hayes , who both were officers in the U. Army of West Virginia. Winchester was heavily fortified by forts and lunettes circumferencing the town, as well as along the outlying turnpike routes entering town.

Within Winchester Milroy constructed or improved upon a total of ten defensive fortifications numbered Battery No. The fortifications were linked in places with roads and trenches. Today, Winchester provides a wealth of exploration and tourism for Civil War enthusiasts.

Jubal Early Drive snakes around south of downtown Winchester, along the central location for many of the battles. The modern flag of the city of Winchester closely resembles the first congressionally proposed national flag of the Confederate States of America. Both flags were composed of a field of red, upon which a saltire Saint Andrew's Cross is laid, with a heraldic shield in the center of the flag. The primary differences in the flags are the addition of a center blue saltire, and an English "Norman" lion instead of a pointed star on the shield in the Winchester flag.

The Confederate congress failed to accept the flag proposal of the Joint Committee on Flag and Seal in April , and went on to adopt the "Stars and Bars" flag. The town's residents, initially reluctant to leave the Union, were caught up in the emotional uproar of the secession crisis. Ultimately they supported Virginia's decision and the Southern cause. A number of factors underlay that resolve. Slavery defined those factors.

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Fear of abolitionism provided a common denominator for the town's white citizens. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Milroy [6]. Milroy [9]. Historian Richard R. Duncan p. Winchester Divided. American Civil War portal. Cities during the American Civil War. Louis Washington, D. Augustine Selma Vicksburg Winchester Wilmington. Great Train Raid of Romney Expedition.