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The services were in charge of the Odd-Fellows, of which the deceased was a member, and a body from the Gypsum lodge acted as pall bearers. The service at the grave was in charge of Rev. COOK, pastor of the local M.

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The mother, who also lives at Cushing, was unable to be here on account of poor health. On Tuesday afternoon, May 9th Mrs. The service was in charge of the Odd Fellows Lodge of which Mr.

At the church Rev. ROSS gave a short address of comfort to the bereaved family and friends, and the services were completed at the grave. To this union were born two sons and one daughter. She came to Colorado in December where she has since resided. She is survived by her father, mother, two brothers, three sisters, her husband and two boys, aged 7 and 4, and her baby girl aged 6 months.

The grief of those of her family who were able to attend the funeral gave ample testimony of her beautiful life. Telegraphic word, received by H. This is the only news received here concerning Mr. The news, it is needless to say, was received as a distinct shock and with much sorrow among these who had known Bill SCHLIFF during the more than forty years he had been a citizen of this community.

Of German parentage, he was sent to this country, New York City, while a youth for a visit with relatives in the late 60"s or early 70"s. When time came for the return to Germany, he quietly rebelled-he just wasn't there when his ship sailed. He had come to like the United States during his brief stay here, and was determined to remain, and he did.

Wichita, Kansas

He shipped on a vessel-but not the one bound for Germany, rather a vessel plying along the American coast. He finally landed in Texas, where the great cattle ranges appealed to him, and the cow camps of the old Southwest were his home for many years. About or Texas became to be too crowded for the young German, and he gathered a herd of cows and started to look for greener pastures on which to range them.

He drifted into Colorado, across the Continental Divide, and when he saw the Eagle river valley knew that he had come to the end of his wanderings. He took up a ranch just below what is now Gypsum on the river, which he owned until a few years ago. As the open ranges disappeared, Mr. For a time he and O. In Mr. About three years ago with encroaching years enfeebling the sturdy old pioneer, he and his wife moved to Sacraments, Calif. George A. He was generous with his worldly goods and in his thoughts of others.

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He trusted his fellow man and believed that every person was honest as he was himself, with the result that he was often grievously imposed upon. There are not many left in Eagle county who were here when he came drifting down the valley herding his little bunch of cattle, but of those few all remember the tall, gangling young German of those days, and as they came to know him they loved and trusted him in everything.

He was married after coming to Eagle county to a most estimable lady, who has been always his willing and faithful helpmeet during all the ups and downs incident to pioneer life. His wife together with their one child, Mrs. He was a member of Castle lodge of Masons at Eagle, and his funeral in California was conducted by the Masonic order. We do not remember Mr. SCHLIFF and her daughter have the heartfelt sympathy of hundreds of former neighbors and friends in Eagle county in their hour of sorrow.

Unknown newspaper c Nov. News of the sudden death of Mrs.

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Susie SCHUMM, yesterday morning at 9 o'clock at her home on Parmer avenue, brought sorrow to a host of friends, neighbors and relatives who all loved her dearly. SCHUMM had been ill of flu for the past ten days but only the last day or so was her condition considered as serious. Death came very unexpectedly yesterday morning. They moved to Glenwood about fifteen years ago.


Definite arrangements have not been made pending word from relatives in the east. Burdge's Funeral Home have charge of arrangements and she will be laid to rest beside her husband in the Gypsum Cemetery. She lived there with her parents on a farm. Her father died when she was a child, her mother following a few years later. The lived on a ranch between Gypsum and Eagle for a time, moving to Gypsum where they lived for many years. They moved to Glenwood where she made her home until her death.

Her husband preceded her in death on April 6 , ; a daughter died in infancy, while another daughter, Etta L. Thus passes another one of the pioneers who assisted in building of the wilderness what is now Eagle county. Fatal Accident On Trail Gulch. A very sad automobile accident occurred on Trail Gulch, eight miles north of Gypsum, last Sunday evening in which Mrs. John SCHURR, aged 47, was instantly killed when the Chevrolet touring car which her husband was driving left the road and rolled to the bottom of the gulch, about fifty feet below.

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The accident accrued about one and one-half miles below Dry Lake, on the north slope of Trail Gulch, on one of the worst places for an accident of the kind on the road. The first shower of the night's hard rain had fallen previously and the road was very slippery. As the car rounded a sharp curve coming up the hill, the driver apparently lost control and it veered to the outside of the road, hearing for the brink of the gulch, which is probably fifty feet deep at this point and the bank almost straight from top to bottom.

The car left the road about seventy-five feet from the point of the curve and rolled to the bottom of the gulch, lighting bottom side up. As the occupants of the car realized what was happening, Mrs. He did so, jumping clear of the car and rolling down the hill with the babe in his arms, and these two escaped without a scratch of injury. SCHURR'S body was partially pinned under the car as was that of the father, while David was thrown clear of the wreak, but suffered a broken bone in his lower right leg.

The mother's death was instant, her neck being broken in the crash, while Mr. The accident occurred just at dusk which, owing to the pending storm, came early Sunday evening. SCHURR, with the air of Clem, managed to extract himself from the wreck, and the two also freed the mother's body from the car. It commenced raining again, when a tourist car, containing a Doctor MONK, a young chiropractor, and his wife , of Denver, passed the scene.

The wrecked car was not visible from the road, and neither Dr. MONK or his wife heard the frantic cry for help, but Clem managed to run up the gulch and head them off. The gentleman at once went to the assistance of the unfortunate people, and ascertained that Mrs. Before Dr. MONK returned the writer, accompanied by T. LEWIS, on the return from fishing at Sweetwater lake, passed the scene of the accident, but saw nothing of the trouble and failed to hear the frantic calls of Mr. But a short distance farther on met Mr. MONK who stopped us and informed us of the trouble and we stopped to aid in the rescue.

They had sent Curtis HIGHT to Gypsum for aid, but the four of us after much hard work, in the dark and downpour of rain, managed to carry the body of the dead woman out to the highway and to assist the injured man out and into my car, where we also placed the body of his wife, and took them to the HIGHT home. After giving Mr.

An x-ray of the lad's limb disclosed a bad fracture of one leg bone above the ankle, which Dr. SCHURR was taken to the Hopkins hospital in Glenwood Monday morning and there examination discovered several small bones in his left foot broken, his right hip badly hurt with injuries his neck and in his chest. HOPKINS said that there might be internal injuries which had not developed so as to be detected, and he advised he should be confined to his bed for at least thirty days.

Luke's hospital in Denver after an operation at Friday morning.