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From Rons Log :. Supervisor Johnston warmed to the subject:. Supervisor Fesko backed up Supervisor Johnston.

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Then Sheriff Obenberger defended the operation saying it was all legal and proper. On his campaign website the Sheriff writes:. A week later on December 10, , the Sheriff read a letter to the Board of Supervisors and it sounds like the Supervisors heard the message. Asked Sheriff not to take offense. Sheriff has a lot of good things going on in his department. Meanwhile, candidate Braun seems to be staying away from the issue. Her FAQ page has only two questions! The area around Mammoth Lakes is beautiful, I drove through it with my parents once.

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Looked like stoner territory for sure. It seems like the Sheriff may have missed the point in his power lecture, that the people elect the Sheriff. And it seems the people have spoken: the former deputy that this Sheriff fired, has now become the Sheriff. But not for a little while yet. Not until after the burn. From Mammoth Times, who called the victory a landslide :. The new Sheriff seems pretty Burner friendly. Here, you maybe have Braun has served in law enforcement more than 22 years. You can write a ticket, you can give a warning.

Know your rights. Presumably, once Sheriff Braun takes possession of the office, she also gets the keys to the evidence locker containing felony quantities of all of the above. In recent years, the BLM has shifted its drug enforcement efforts from patrolling inside the Event to stopping vehicles as they enter the Event. While the BLM cannot freely enter your camp and search for drugs without a warrant, probable cause, consent or exigent circumstances, the BLM can stop your vehicle and create probable cause with its dogs.

You do not have to consent to a search. Take great care while entering the Event and while driving to your camp on Gate Road, the outer ring of the Event. Participants reported being stopped for ticky-tacky motor vehicle infractions like driving 13 mph when the speed limit was 10 mph or obstructed rear license plate. Once stopped, participants reported being asked if they had any drugs and whether they would consent to a search of their vehicle. Some Participants reported that after they said no, the officer went back to his vehicle and returned with a drug sniffing dog.

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If you wish to contest the citation or plea bargain the citation to a non-drug offense, contact Lawyers for Burners through the feedback form on this site. Contrary to what the officer may tell you, it is very unlikely that you will be arrested or evicted from the Event for drug possession. Be polite, know that you do not have to consent to any interrogation or search, and enjoy the rest of the Event. Lawyers for Burners will assist you after the Event. That advice is for the gate. Our advice is to avoid the problem entirely on the way up, and steer clear of Mono County.

I would like to remind the Burning man community of the problems driving through Mono county on the Sheriff Ralph Obenberger set up illegal check points directly targeting burners through out the entire burn. Making people empty out their cars and taking Tara their dog through burners cars. The people of Mono county have said enough is enough with Sherrif Obenberger and his harrassing practices to Burners and the Mono county citizens and voted him out of office but this does not go into affect until Jan So rest assure you will be harrassed going through Mono county again this year.

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There are many ways to get to BM aside from driving through Mono County. The jail bookings are at the bottom in pdf format. Once you view the recent arrests you can see if the person is still in custody, what the person has been charged with, description of the individual, jail and booking id, arresting agency and bail amount. Located in Auburn, CA. Placer County In Custody Reports — View charges, docket number, court date and other information regarding those who have been arrested and who are in custody.

Located in Riverside, CA. Sacramento County Inmate List — Use the inmate information system to search for people who are in custody. You can look up inmates by name and or search by XREF number. Located in Sacramento, CA. These adult arrest logs contain only the items deemed as public information. Located in San Bernardino, CA. San Bernardino Inmate Locator — Search for inmates by booking number, name and or search by release date for those who are no longer in custody. Located in San Diego, CA. Virtually all public information about the inmate is available in this area of the site.

Located in San Francisco, CA. As individuals move through the judicial process, charges and bail amounts may change. Located in French Camp, CA. You can sign up for alerts, view crime data, view the events calendar and more. Located in San Mateo, CA. Located in San Jose, CA. Santa Cruz County Arrest Logs — View in pdf format the name of the individual arrested, charges, bond amount and more.

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Located in Santa Cruz, CA. Located in Yreka, CA.

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Booking data is updated at midnight every 24 hours. Located in Fairfield, CA. Located in Santa Rosa, CA. Located i Santa Rosa, CA. Located in Waterford, CA. Located in Yuba City, CA.

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Current Inmates in Tehama County — View scheduled release date, bond amount, name, booking date, mugshot and charges. Located in Red Bluff, CA. Located in Weaverville, CA. Tulare County Active Inmates — Search for convicts and current inmates by jacket number and or first and last name. Located in Visalia, CA. Sonora Police Department CrimeGraphics. Search by date.

View mugshots and other details about those who were arrested in the area. Located in Sonora, CA.

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Located in Ventura, CA. Contra Costa. Del Norte. El Dorado. Lake County. Los Angeles. Orange County.

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San Benito. San Bernardino.

San Diego. San Francisco. San Joaquin. San Luis Obispo. San Mateo.