History of canadian pontiac cars

Commonization generally occurred with other components, too, such as frame and suspension by Chevrolet and wiring harnesses by Pontiac.

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And since Pontiac no longer produced or offered a 6-cylinder in America when its V8 was introduced in , but Chevrolet did albeit with slightly greater displacement in Canada the shared frame allowed GM of Canada to offer 6-cylinder-powered Pontiacs that were otherwise unavailable in the states. Pontiacs and Chevrolets produced by GM of Canada shared many components. Equipping the Pontiac with a Chevrolet frame required Chevrolet's V8 under hood, but it also allowed GM of Canada to offer a Pontiac with a 6-cylinder, as advertised in the May 10, edition of The Lethbridge Herald.

It meant that an entry-level Canadian-built Pontiac included as many standard appointments as its American-built cousin, but by commonizing driveline and suspension components, the Pontiac was much closer priced to its Canadian-built Chevrolet than in the states. No wonder the up-level Pontiac was so well received up north!

Others such as the Beaumont followed as new model lines were introduced. Notice the Tempest and Grand Prix? A select group of Canadian GM dealers were approved to place orders for domestically-produced Pontiacs for its home-base customers seeking to purchase specific Pontiac V8-powered models like the Tempest, Grand Prix, or GTO, which had no Canadian Pontiac peers. Unique Canadian-built Pontiacs continued through The pact agreed to abolish the tariffs imposed sending complete automobiles and auto parts across the shared border.

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It took a few years to execute, but American-built vehicles were much more affordable to purchase in Canada. As years progressed, Pontiac as well as GM sold more and more of its vehicles in Canada. Therese, Quebec. That plant closed in August when F-car production ended. The models were the same as those of previous years, but traction control ASR: Acceleration Slip Regulation was now available for LT1 Firebirds, controllable by a switch on the console. The steering wheel in all Firebirds was also changed; its optional built-in audio controls were more closely grouped on each side.

The "Trans Am GT" trim level was dropped this year from the lineup after its model year run in For , all Trans Ams received the mph speedometer and Z-rated tires. This option was stopped for the and later models, but the connections remain for and Formula and Trans Am. Firebird performance levels improved for , with the establishment of the stronger hp 3.

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Optional performance enhancements were available for each Firebird trim level; the Y87 Performance packages for V6s added mechanical features of the V8 setups, such as four-wheel disc brakes, faster-response steering, limited-slip rear differential, and dual tailpipes.

Bilstein shocks were a further option with the package.

The model year introduced standard air conditioning, daytime running lamps utilizing the front turn signal lamps , digital odometers, and optional watt Monsoon cassette or compact disc stereo systems to all Firebird trim levels. The WS6 "Ram Air" performance package was now also an option for the Formula and Trans Am convertibles, although these convertibles did not receive the inch wheel-and-tire combination.

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There were 41 Formula convertibles and Trans Am convertibles produced from to with the WS6 package. Chapters Yukon British Col.


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Events Nova S. Events New Bruns. Events New F. Before the Parisienne nameplate came to the states as a generic-looking three-box sedan, it was one of the more distinct Canadian Pontiac models.


Built on the GM B platform, the name debuted in first as a sub-model of the Laurentian, but then became a standalone model. As in the Laurentian, the hardware underpinning the Parisienne was mostly Chevrolet. Exterior design was kept pretty close to that of the stateside Pontiacs.