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While there is no federal law that forbids home healthcare agencies from hiring individuals who have been convicted of crimes, agencies must comply with State laws in order to participate in Medicare. Overall, States require two kinds of background checks for home health agencies to use: Statewide and Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI background checks.

Next, keep in mind that State background check requirements are the very minimum and there are many limitations with the most frequently required types of background checks like the FBI search.

Finally, consider that 15 states require additional background checks after the initial background check. Remember that a background check represents a snapshot in time, and what you find at the time of hire might not be the same as what you see a year or three later down the road. At PreCheck, we work with healthcare organizations that conduct background checks on their staff on an annual basis in order to minimize risk for their facility and to protect their patients from harm.

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Who Needs to Get Fingerprinted

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At the time the memorandum was issued, 10 States currently did not have a background check requirement: Alabama Connecticut Georgia Hawaii Montana New Jersey North Dakota South Dakota West Virginia Wyoming Fortunately, four of the States without background check requirements for home healthcare workers Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, and West Virginia reported they have plans to implement requirements in the future. Get Email Updates.

Home Health Aide Background Check

As a result, they can be targets for abuse, theft and other crimes. To ensure that they are being taken care of by professional and trustworthy individuals, background checks look for any red flags in an applicant's past.

This helps keep criminals out of the profession and helps protect the people who rely on caregivers for their basic needs. Though protocols may vary, the background check process is usually simple and straightforward. Candidates submit their name, address and Social Security number, and the agency does the rest. Agencies usually submit the information to a background investigation program that scours through an applicant's past and reports back to the agency.

Some states and agencies may ask for fingerprints to confirm identities and to keep on file for future reference. Caregiver background checks usually focus on an applicant's criminal past.

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Those with convictions other than minor traffic violations are usually disqualified regardless of how long ago the crime was committed. Some states, including California, require agencies to reject applicants with a criminal history unless the candidate obtains an exemption from the state.

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Sexual assault, robbery, abuse and other violent crimes are nonexempt; applicants who have been convicted of them can not become caregivers. Driving records may also be checked for repeated offenses, careless driving or anything that could indicate an applicant is not a safe driver. In some instances an applicant's credit history is reviewed. Credit reports contain information on a person's payment history, outstanding debts, judgments and liens, bankruptcy and foreclosure. Some agencies may disqualify applicants based on their credit histories.