How can someone find my address

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All rights reserved. The Mefi Mall is open for , and the Secret Quonsar yearly gift swap sign-up is now underway! How did this person find out my address? Help me protect my privacy better in the future! Two days ago I met a guy for a drink after corresponding over a messaging app and email not my primary , following a connection made on a dating website. He knew my first name only, the year I was born part of a username on the website where we connected , the general area in which I lived in this type of living community, out towards this nearby town , my cell phone number, and possibly could have seen my license plate number.

However, my cell phone is a line on my parents' account, who live at a different address.

Someone has my IP address, can they find me?

My car is also registered in their name. Today I received a book regarding a shared interest, return address was his username, mailed to my address. I feel really, really stupid, but can't figure out how this happened. I'm assuming he ran some kind of background check, but with what information? Could he not have followed you?

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Tell the police. He's a potentially dangerous stalker, but also possibly just someone with very bad boundaries. Obviously don't have any contact with him ever again in any way, but yeah, tell the police you believe he followed you home. Hate to say it, but see if you can report it to a female officer. They're more likely to"get" why this is so incredibly off. With something like spokeo. This assumes you live in the US. You can go on most of these sites see if you come up and opt to remove yourself. Go on spokeo and try it yourself.

There are other sites, but I find spokeo one of the better.

How to Find Someone's New Address Once They Have Moved

It's really easy to find info out about people with a few cursory googles. I do it with everybody I date that I meet online. Here are a few low hanging fruits: -Dating profile pictures in an organized race wearing a bib number. Those race results are all posted online, easy to find and search for, and will always have your first and last name and occasionally more info city, other stuff you filled out on the form when you signed up for the race.

Super simple to find just with a first name and the field they work in, foolproof if they have a picture. You did this with your birthday, but if you google your username or parts of your username, do other old, forgotten accounts on other websites show up? Even if the address is hidden, it could be a recognizable location. If you're using a picture on the dating website that you've used elsewhere and is connected to your name, he could have used Google Image Search to look you up to get your full name and rabbit-holed from there.

No matter how he did this, it's not okay and I'd start an official paper trail with the police yes, with a female officer if possible just to err on the side of caution. How is he employed? In particular, does he work for your ISP? Is a cop? Works for your telephone provider?

Do you have a friend in common?

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Did he find you via a search on a different social media sites? Did you mention any organization that you belong to or places you shop at? Did he take your picture? How to remove your personal info from data brokers posted by Triumphant Muzak at PM on October 3, [ 17 favorites ].

How to Track location via Whatsapp

First of all, putting your year of birth in your username was a big problem. Likely the crux of the issue. Do you download things like gmail apps, and use those instead of visiting email hosting sites through a browser and taking care to log out after your session? I use fake names and DOB's all the time. So far, my married name and maiden name are not linked.

Facebook also track you, their apps, cookies if you don't log out on your browser from a session. There are books and blogs on how to erase your info. But you can just use common sense and log out of stuff and be careful what apps you put on your phone. Apps that crawl your contacts FB, again are the absolute worst and you should not do business with them, or do so very very carefully. I hope that helped!

I'm so sorry creeper sent you something. I wish I knew what to say.

is it possible to find someones home address with their bank details - hotukdeals

I hope this all works out. I guess it was a wake up call, huh? Good on you for taking care to lock down your personal info. Good luck!

How unique is your name? He probably didn't run a background check or use any other info than your first name and a guess as to your date of birth. Or your hometown if you told him. There are numerous address lookup tools available for free that need barely any information to give a list of potential addresses. Depending on the uniqueness of your name for your area, he might have had to guess which one was you based on your birth year also included. These tools can be wildly inaccurate, but they're mostly spot on. When I've needed to look up someone's address for example, sending a postcard to a friend when I know where they live but not the zip code , I've been really shocked at how detailed they are and how little I need to give them to find someone.

It's been a long time, but I'm pretty sure I just googled "address lookup" and clicked around until I found a website that worked for me. As for how you prevent it in the future. First, this is super not normal behavior, and you're right to be freaked the Fuck out. Hopefully, this is the only time something like this happens.

Second, I've had very limited success submitting requests to the websites to get my info removed. But, one just pops back up in its place. If you really want to make sure it never happens, you'd have to give people a false, and generic, name. Shockingly, your first name and general location is enough.

However, I urge you not to shut down over this. It's way out there because it's not usual.