Multnomah county historical property records

County Clerk has divorce, court and land reco rds from [3]. Named after Native American people first recorded in the journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Mulknomans, who inhabited the area of Portland, most specifically on Sauvie Island. For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit HomeTown Locator. The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county: [5].

House, Building, and Land History

Information about localities, too small or too brief to describe in separate pages. Exception to this are Post Offices. Trivia Tidbits. Oregon Online Historical Newspapers - identifies historical archived and digitized newspapers available online on both free and pay-to-access websites. Details about the rivers and waterways where farms and settlements are often found along them.

Rivers and Waterways. Portland, OR Telephone: Family History Centers provide one-on-one assistance and free access to premium genealogical websites. In addition, many centers have free how-to genealogy classes. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki.

United States. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Historical Society, , pp.

Publications and Presentations

Leflar, Stephen. Portland, Oregon, January 24, MacColl, E. Kimbark and Harry H. Kimbark with Harry H. Portland, Oregon: The Georgian Press, McAlester, Virginia Savage. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, McMath, George A. Multnomah County Assessor. Portland, Oregon. Oregon State Historic Preservation Office. Retrieved January Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Portland City Directories, Portland, City of. Accessed September-December, Portland Genealogical Forum. Roos, Roy. Curry House.

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November 6, Document on file with property owner. Sanborn maps.

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Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. Snyder, Eugene E. Early Portland: Stumptown Triumphant. United States Bureau of the Census. Retrieved from July Seventh Census of the United States, Eighth Census of the United States, Ninth Census of the United States, Tenth Census of the United States, This layer was produced on a CAD system as a visual background to their electrical system. Metro converted the PGE line work to polygons and added tax account numbers.

David Evans and Associates was contractor.

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Oregon Dept. This original RLIS dataset contained sections. Metro converted rural sections to polygon coverages and added tax account numbers. Tax assessor hard copy maps were scanned and registered to PGE base maps. Washington Co. Washington County began maintaining this layer within their boundaries. Clackamas County began maintaining this layer within their boundaries.

Multnomah Co. This data was entered using coordinate geometry and existing control. A major upgrade was completed in Multnomah County. The taxlots for Portland were re-mapped and updated. The horizontal positional accuracy was spatially corrected. Columns storing X and Y coordinates of each taxlot were added, mainly for use by programmers. Clackamas County is gradually improving the horizontal ground control of the map by registering the map to the Spencer B.

Gross digital orthophotography. This made Multnomah County consistent with the other two counties. In cases where the state ID number was not available, the R number was supplied.

A field called "Rno" was added to the taxlots shapefile. Earlier the Multnomah County "R number" was used in the "Tlid" field. The "R number" is now in its own field for those users who still need it. Since the beginning of RLIS Lite, Metro has used the county's format for taxlot number, so we converted to the new character number used by the county.

If the quarter section or quarter-quarter section letters are not used, a space is used as a place holder.

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There are three additional spaces following the quarter-quarter section letter. The 5-digit tax lot number uses leading zeros as place holders if the number is less than Landuse data for Multnomah County was extracted from a new field, and may look slightly different than previous releases. The 3 spaces between township, range, section and the taxlot id number was changed to 2 spaces and a hyphen.

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Projection information. Multnomah County began maintaining taxlots within their boundaries. In the past, Multnomah County's taxlots were maintained by the city of Portland and Metro Metro maintained land outside the city. This quarter, the county provided taxlots for the rural portion of the county.

Tax Lots, multi-part features - The tax lot layer now supports multi-part features, a feature that is composed of more than one physical part but only references one set of attributes in the database.