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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content GO. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Mininova : Successor to Suprnova. Anonymous uploads, no IP address logging of users, no porn.

No content is filtered or removed as long as it is clearly labeled. TorrentSpy : Tracks externally hosted torrent files and provides a forum to comment on them. Torrentz : Tracks nearly 7 million torrents in a searchable portal. Amatomu : The South African Blogosphere, sorted. Amatomu searches blogs with a distinct focus on South Africa. Bloglines : It is a web-based news aggregator for reading syndicated feeds using the RSS and Atom formats.

How to Find a Relative in South Africa

Sold to Ask. It currently tracks over IceRocket : An Internet search engine for searching blogs. Sphere : It connects your current articles to contextually relevant content from your archives as well as from Blog Posts, Media Articles, Video, Photos, and Ads from across the Web. Technorati : It catalogs over million weblogs. A supporter and contributor to open source software.

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Blippar: A search engine —18 based on AR. Google Book Search : The power of Google to find books. Based in China, it is a marketplace of export and import, offers search, company directory, catalog, trade leads and more. Search results are preceded by four types of paid links. Some information is provided free, other information is available to paid subscribers. Good for company stock information. Kompass : 2. A guide for worldwide sourcing. Catalogs over , American companies in 67, categories. Find current, former email addresses, extract them from the web.

Nicado : Free to register, Search email addresses.

The Nicado search engine allows registered users to search the Nicado database using an email address or telephone number. The search engine enables users to search the Web using only email. It is intended to be used by people with low internet connectivity. Dieselpoint provides an advanced full-text search with data navigation capability. It gives users highly relevant results not possible with either traditional search engines or SQL databases.

Terabytes of text can be searched. This is the Guided Navigation experience. Exalead : exalead one: Enterprise. Expert System Sp. Cogito is a pioneer in developing semantic technologies to understand and manage unstructured information. Funnelback : It is an Internet and Enterprise search engine company offering a suite of search solutions, hosted solution for the web and a fully customizable enterprise solution for searching behind the firewall. Google Search Appliance : Make it as easy for employees to find information inside your organization as it is to find information on google.

Deploy a Google Search Appliance. MSS shares its architecture with Windows Search. Northern Light Search : Search articles from over online news feeds and over 1, industry authority blogs. Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g , a standalone product from Oracle, enables a secure, high quality, easy-to-use search across all enterprise information assets.

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TeraText Suite : Most data resides in semi-structured, primarily textual documents, not in structured, organizational repositories. Teratext is designed for text-rich data repositories. Vivisimo : A Clustering Engine developed by scientists based upon a mathematical algorithm and deep linguistic knowledge to find relationships between search terms and bring them to light. It does capture, archiving, searching, security, and context-specific content-management.

Personal experiences, solutions to problems, ideas, and opinions. Searches all of the most popular cheat sites and forums to find cheats for any game. Wazap: It is a vertical search engine, video game database and social networking site that distributes gaming news, rankings, cheats, downloads, and reviews. This is a technique known as social searching. It differentiates itself from algorithmic search engines by tracking and building hand-crafted results for searches. Rollyo is a Yahoo! Find people using name search, location, school, work, interests, and more.

YaCy is a free search engine that anyone can use to build a search portal for their intranet or to help search the public internet. Desearch : A search engine for crypto related stuff. Accoona : A search engine that uses artificial intelligence.

Great service, great tools and stunning reports on the results.

Partnered with China Daily, a large Chinese portal. Alleba : Philippines search engine and highly organized directory of Filipino websites. Ansearch Ltd is involved in various online media activities, including the Ansearch. Rambler : Russia -offers proprietary web search Rambler Search , e-mail, rating and directory, media, e-commerce, and other services to the Russian-speaking websurfer.

Founded in as a regional search engine, later many other services were added: phonebook, SMS service. Acquired by the Swiss Post.

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Yandex was launched in Bixee India : Comprehensive job search for India. Career Builder : The career builder website. Free to use, has become a popular tool with professional recruiters. For technology experts in areas such as Information Technology IT , software, high tech, security, biotech, and more.

Recently purchased eFinancialCareers. Hot Jobs Yahoo : Find a job, post your resume, research careers at featured companies, compare salaries and get career advice on Yahoo! Focused on European jobs with branches in a number of European countries. Jobserve : UK based job search focused originally on IT Contracting work, but now covering multiple areas. Resume database, a large number of job postings. StepStone Europe : European online recruitment site based in Scandinavia with operations and subsidiaries throughout Europe.

Canadian Law List : List of Canadian lawyers. LexisNexis : Provider of legal, government, business and high-tech information sources. By subscription only. French language only. Can also search by keyword such as type of business. MapQuest was acquired in by America Online, Inc. You can see a close-up aerial view of nearly any US Address and many foreign ones. Entrez Pubmed : The life sciences search engine.

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Healia : The health search engine. WebMD : A source for health information, a symptom checklist, pharmacy information, and a place to store personal medical information. It will be relevant from the day it is written.