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The Top 10 Vintage Shops In Dublin

Limerick City , Limerick. Tallaght , Dublin. Men's suede Irish made shoes. Dublin 8 , Dublin.

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Vintage Tie Dye Vest. Stillorgan , Dublin. Men's Vintage Shirt. Raheny , Dublin. Selection of amazing s 60s 70s and 80s vintage dresses. Drimnagh , Dublin. Ladies vintage dress. Finglas , Dublin. Skerries , Dublin.

Vintage late 70's Long Pink Nightdress. Vintage Morgan pinstriped suit.

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Stunning black vintage V neck dress with fringe. Vintage Adidas track suit top. Consumers rely on vintage merchants to do the tedious sifting, curating a painless shopping experience of only the best items, in the best condition. Azeezat Owokoniran-Jimoh and her husband Damilare Dare Jimoh thrifted together when they were both college students. While the appeal at the time may have been their small student budgets, they realized they had a knack for it. In they started selling their finds on eBay, which earned them some modest side income, says Dare.

Once we got a feel for the presence, for that market, we just decided to move on to making our website and fortunately, Instagram was really taking off at that time. As they were carving out their online space and building a social following, they both graduated from college and pursued careers in their respective fields, Azeezat tells me. I did a lot of professional jobs but they just weren't working out. It was just so many hours. I had to work over 60 hours a week and I wasn't getting paid what I thought I would. I just wasn't happy doing it at all.

My husband liked working and helping people in the healthcare industry, but it was just taking so much of our time. We didn't have time for the kids, we didn't have time for ourselves. We decided if we just did what we loved, we knew it would work out for the best.

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Before moving to Shopify in , they built their website on another platform. From sourcing garments, to cleaning, storing, and pricing them, selling vintage clothing online comes with its own unique challenges. I asked them to talk about their experiences and their advice for would-be vintage resellers. While you may just elect to pick and sell what you like, consider choosing a niche to help your business stand out. Focusing on items from a specific decade 20s, 80s , style evening wear, athletic wear , price point designer, couture , or even item vintage band tees will give your store and collections a more consistent feel.

A focused offering makes it easier to find and speak to your audience, and simplifies the shopping experience for customers. We tried to do the whole vintage glam thing and it was pretty effective. But then it seemed like everyone that was selling vintage was starting to do exactly that. We wanted to give this a cool, hip, modern day flare with a mix of vintage. We give people ideas on how they could wear it without it looking old or like something that their mom or dad wore.

Once a week we get the shipment or pallets from local non-profits, Salvation Army stores, and family dealer stores. They already know what kinds of things we are looking for.

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  • Sometimes we get high fashion brands in there. Whatever designs we're looking for, we just place an order in for it and it's selected. Usually they charge by weight, so sometimes you have to have your fingers crossed that you get the right thing. They are great for referencing when certain styles were popular. Feeling uninspired? Watch some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs share their best advice for new business owners. We'll also send you updates on new educational guides and success stories from the Shopify newsletter.

    We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Get started. Without a plan, vintage inventory can start to feel like a disorganized thrift store. Unlike stores with limited product listings and multiple units within each , vintage items are each one of a kind.

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    Develop a system to help sort, store, and identify items to simplify your shipping and fulfillment. Not only do they hold a lot, they also look great. They are usually brightly colored and stackable.

    This utilizes vertical space which is important when you live in Toronto, since square footage is usually limited. Photography in a vintage business is an ongoing task. Unlike other clothing stores who may schedule shoots once per season or as new collections are released, vintage merchants have a steady intake of inventory, all of which needs to be individually shot. To be nimble, all of their photography is done in house with a basic fixed studio setup including a DSLR, tripod, simple lighting kit and white seamless.

    The setup is permanent, which means that the photography looks consistent on collection pages, even though the items may have been shot weeks apart. The process has helped them hone their photography style. When we do the whole white backdrop at the studio and then post those on social media, they don't really respond.

    If it's something that I just take with my phone, everything is positive. More likes, more engagement, more sales. We're actually in the process of leaning towards less professional shoots and more of just a laid back, sort of selfie style. Shooting lookbook-style lifestyle photos may be more unrealistic for vintage businesses, but you can still inject fun and inspiration into basic product shoots , says Emilie:.

    This might actually be the easiest part of running your vintage clothing business.

    Best Vintage Clothing

    But I may be a little biassed. Looking for a guided tour of Shopify? Product page copy is incredibly important for setting customer expectations, improving SEO and minimizing returns. Collections will be your best friend. They will help organize your online store and keep it from looking hodge-podge.

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    Consider organizing inventory into collections by era, colour, occasion, item type, or season. On your product page for each item, be sure to explain the item in detail, including label details, brand, size, damages, condition, and rough manufacture date. Even some of the vintage windbreakers or sweaters are similar.

    I'll take one product and create a duplicate product. Then you simply edit the size or other details. That's it. This is a great place to educate your customer on sizing, garment care, and your condition ratings. Vintage condition chart by Lovely Daughters Vintage.